Naturland Association for Organic Agriculture


We are organic. We are the future.

We are Naturland, one of the major international associations for organic agriculture worldwide. Along with 100,000 farmers, beekeepers, fish farmers and fishers in 60 countries throughout the world, we are living proof that organic, social and fair economic activity can only thrive in international co-operation. More than any other organic associations Naturland strives to reconcile the interests of local producers with those of international operations in a globalised world.

For almost four decades, we have been a driving force in organic agriculture.

We have been around since 1982, but we at Naturland have always been open to rethinking organic concepts and producing impressive organic innovations. We were the first to convert a tea garden to organic agriculture. We transferred the organic principle to the production of fish and seafood in aquaculture. We also safeguard our natural woodlands by applying rigorous organic management principles. And we were the first association ever to combine organic and fair trade under one label.

We continually strive to hone our strict and explicit Naturland standards. At the same time we are always ready to explore new avenues. We shall continue to prevail by encouraging a fruitful dialogue between tradition and technology, striking a balance between our strong convictions and keeping an open mind towards promising opportunities and exciting possibilities.