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Naturland Fair Partner


Individual producers, producer organisations and processors can all apply to become a Naturland Fair partner. The path to becoming a partner is described below.

Interested producers should get in touch with our main contact for Naturland Fair.

Interested processors should contact Naturland Zeichen GmbH.

Frequently asked questions about becoming Naturland Fair.



Initial discussion between the Naturland partner organisation (Naturland-certified producer or processor) and a Naturland representative about the company's situation in terms of social responsibility, fair trade and social commitment. Transparency is an essential prerequisite for Naturland Fair partnerships and involves providing information about equity holdings as well as an organisational chart.


The Naturland partner organisation develops a mission statement with the help of its members. Where possible, it should describe matters relating to organic production, the local procurement of raw materials, social responsibility and fair trade. If the organisation already has a mission statement (or policy) recorded in writing, this can be shared with Naturland instead. Based on this mission statement, the organisation then drafts a Naturland Fair implementation strategy.


The Naturland partner organisation responds to questions in the Naturland Fair self-assessment form. This should help the organisation to carefully consider each aspect of the Naturland Fair standards and their own objectives. It also helps them to prepare for the inspection.


The Naturland certification committee verifies the documents (the mission statement and completed Naturland Fair self-assessment form) and decides whether an on-site consultation is needed. It then requests an inspection by the inspection body.


The Naturland Fair inspection is carried out by a trained inspection body and, where possible, as part of a regular Naturland Organic inspection.


Once the Naturland certification committee has received the Fair inspection report regarding compliance with the Naturland Fair standards, it conducts an evaluation. If satisfied, they issue a Naturland Fair certificate alongside the Naturland Organic certificate.

The Naturland partner can then label and market its certified products with the Naturland Fair logo.

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Ramon Glienke

Naturland Fair
Europe, Latin America

+49 89 898082-231

Frequently asked questions about becoming Naturland Fair

Here we have summarised the most frequently asked questions about the Naturland Fair supplementary certification. Our Naturland Fair contact person will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

1. What is the Naturland Fair logo?

Fair trade requires clear rules and transparent communication. A strong and trustworthy logo is needed to make global equality, a commitment to fair trade and reliable trade partnerships more visible to the consumer.

That's exactly what the NATURLAND FAIR LOGO stands for: organic production and fair trade. Naturland Fair partners pay producers fair prices, cultivate long-term, collaborative trade relationships and treat quality assurance as a joint responsibility.

2. How does the Naturland Fair logo differ from the Naturland logo?

The requirements for the NATURLAND FAIR LOGO go above and beyond the standards for the ordinary Naturland logo – they include fair trade in addition to organic and social conditions for production and processing. The same requirements apply in both the Global North and the Global South.

3. How can I become Naturland Fair certified?

The NATURLAND FAIR LOGO is a voluntary, supplementary certification that existing Naturland-certified producers and processing companies can apply for.
If you would like to demonstrate your commitment to fair trade, please get in touch. As a first step, we will work with you to draft a Naturland Fair policy based on the following questions:
o Why did you decide to farm/work according to organic, social and fair principles?
o What do organic agriculture, social responsibility and fair trade mean for us?
o How would we define a reliable trade relationship?
These questions serve as a compass for both parties to develop an implementation strategy for your company in the next step.

4. What does it mean to be a Naturland Fair partner?

NATURLAND FAIR PARTNER is an umbrella term for the extensive community of processors, retailers, importers, exporters, producer organisations, individual producers and companies with subcontracted producers who share a commitment to fair trade, organic farming and social responsibility.

You can find more detailed information about this in Section 1 of our Fair Standards: Basic principles of the Naturland Fair certification.

5. How do Naturland Fair partners support their producers from around the world?

NATURLAND FAIR PARTNERS have a positive impact on the organic, social and economic development of PRODUCERS and their communities around the world.
NATURLAND FAIR PARTNERS afford PRODUCERS greater certainty in their planning by fostering a reliable, long-term trade relationship. They pay a fair price that covers the PRODUCERS’ production and living costs, and makes it possible for them and their employees to lead a dignified life. In order to reduce social, ecological and economic inequality around the world, NATURLAND FAIR PARTNERS also pay a premium for produce from countries in the Global South. These additional resources help PRODUCERS to improve their living conditions while also investing in organic farming methods and social responsibility.
With produce from the Global North, NATURLAND FAIR PARTNERS support producers and their employees in this region through their social commitments.

6. What are the benefits of having a Naturland Fair certification?

More and more consumers are taking an interest in how and where their food is produced and want to consume organic and fair products. The NATURLAND FAIR LOGO enables you to clearly show your commitment to fair trade and organic production, and your social responsibility towards producers.

The Naturland Fair certification offers you an additional layer of quality assurance at the highest level and helps to minimise the risk of violations of basic social and organic standards in your supply chain.

The NATURLAND FAIR LOGO allows NATURLAND FAIR PARTNERS to demonstrate a real contribution towards implementing the United Nation's 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

SDG 8 - "Decent work and economic growth"
SDG 12 - "Responsible consumption and production"
SDG 13 - "Climate action"
SDG 17 - "Partnerships for the goals"

7. How does Naturland Fair differ from other fair trade standards?

The NATURLAND FAIR LOGO stands for fair trade around the world. In comparison to other fair trade standards, such as Fairtrade, Naturland also certifies produce from the Global North (e.g. Europe).

The NATURLAND FAIR LOGO stands for organic production, social responsibility and fair trade more than any other standard, all in one LOGO!

NATURLAND FAIR continuously expands and improves its standards and is regularly scrutinised in standard comparisons. The most comprehensive comparison with fair trade standards from around the world is currently the “International Guide to Fair trade Labels”. You can find out how NATURLAND FAIR was evaluated from page 60 onwards.

8. Why does Naturland also certify companies in the Global North (e.g. Europe) as fair?

Whether they're in Spain, Greece or Germany, many farmers in Europe are fighting to survive. Small and medium-sized farms are especially hard hit. We lose 400,000 farms per year in the EU. What’s worse, is that family farms are the pillars of society in both the Global South and the Global North. They breathe life into our cultivated landscapes, promote biodiversity and create sustainable regional economies. For us, fair trade is a global movement – farmers should be able to make a living from their work no matter where they live. That’s why companies from all four corners of the globe can be Naturland Fair-certified, even if they are based in Europe. All they need to do is commit to being organic, social and fair!