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Naturland Standards

The development of standards and their practical implementation are the key work of any organic agricultural association.
The core of all Naturland’s standards is their holistic approach, sustainable management, nature conservation and climate protection in actual practice, preserving and maintaining the soil, air and water, as well as consumer protection.
Naturland’s standards existed long before the first EU regulations on organic agriculture became law.
Today, too, the consistent development of our standards generates considerable impetus. Besides this, Naturland’s standards also cover areas not yet governed by the ›EC organic regulation, such as organic forest management, the manufacture of textiles and cosmetics, and, with its social standards, social issues.

Presently Naturland issues the following standards:



Comparison of standards

Here you can find information on the most important differences between the Naturland standards and the requirements of the EC organic regulation (Bio-Siegel, the German national eco label):

file ico Comparison of standards (PDF, 235 KB)