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Kakao 350The production of organically cultivated cocoa is increasingly gaining importance. A clear indication of this is the amount of produce certified to the Naturland standards, which has increased from 400 tons in 2003 to 7,000 tons in 2010. We are pleased with this development and have written a manual about the organic cultivation of cocoa. This manual covers all stages of organic cocoa production and processing and   cites examples of successful cocoa co-operatives. 


file ico  Naturland Cocoa Manual (PDF, 4,67 MB)





Kaffee 350Coffee rust was first discovered in 1868 on cultivated coffee trees in Sri Lanka. This disease is caused by the fungus Hemileia vastatrix. It attacks arabica strains and causes the trees to shed their leaves and even whole plantations to die off. The coffee rust caused the end of coffee production in Sri Lanka. Today coffee rust is still a major threat to coffee growers in many parts of the world. In the following documents we provide background information and strategies to combat coffee rust in organic coffee cultivation:


 file ico Producer information coffee rust (PDF, 1,0 MB)
 file ico Naturland presentation about coffee rust (PDF, 7,8 MB)
 file ico Naturland poster coffee rust (PDF, 2,8 MB)