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ICS 350

About 80% of the organic producers worldwide are smallholders. However, smallholder farmers, often living in remote areas, cannot afford certification costs and manage administrative requirements individually. Implementation of a group certification scheme thus offers a practical and cost-effective means to ensure compliance with organic standards.

Consequently Naturland has been developing a concept to enable the implementation of a functional and well-organised Internal Control System (ICS), as an important tool to reduce the annual costs of external inspection. Naturland has published one of the first handbooks for the implementation of ICS in smallholder organisations.

In 2020 Naturland has completely revised the Manual for Quality Assurance, taking into account new government regulations and international standards. The Manual now includes all provisions of the current EU Eco Regulation EC No 834/2007 and was re-structured, simplified and newly illustrated. Moreover, the Naturland Social Standards (not mentioned in the manual before) were included. Further revisions regarding new provisions of the forthcoming EU Eco Regulation 2018/848 will be published as soon as they are finalized by the EU.

file ico ICS Manual (PDF, 607 kB)