Naturland Association for Organic Agriculture


policy kleinThe identity of a community is based on the goals and values it shares. Since Naturland was established, in 1982, and in the course of the ensuing developments and achievements, the environment for organic farming practices as a whole has changed dramatically, not least because of the influence which we have exerted. This was, and is, sufficient grounds for us to set down in writing a concept of our own identity, in the form of these “Naturland Policy Guidelines”.

Naturland policy guidelines serve as a benchmark

The Naturland policy guidelines serve to provide all our members, those holding honorary positions, those in management, the various organisations of Naturland and all our employees with a common basis of mutual trust, and to guarantee commitment to our shared objectives. Externally, the policy guidelines promote Naturland by presenting a succinct picture of the mandate that Naturland has taken up on behalf of society and by articulating Naturland values.

The policy guidelines were developed by an internal working group drawn from all the organization's areas of activity and regions. In other words, those people were involved who have already been working with ideas of Naturland in a variety of fields and in different regions and who have put them into practice in their daily work and even furthered their development. These ideas were collected and presented to the Naturland assembly of delegates, which approved the guidelines in late 2008.  It was adopted by the delegates at Naturland annual general meeting in 2008 after extensive discussion and further development within various bodies of the organization.

The policy guidelines itself are organized by the principles, which include the mission and the values that motivate and drive Naturland. In addition, a more detailed description of how this mission and these values are to be carried out in the various fields of activity was also undertaken.

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