Naturland Association for Organic Agriculture


Our quality approach

Naturland is committed to the holistic principles of sustainable management, thus making a substantial contribution to the protection of mankind and the environment. To this end, Naturland draws up standards for organic production systems and has implemented a certification system for products which have been produced according to these standards. Independent inspection procedures and the rigorous application of the Naturland standards are the basis of manufacture of top quality foodstuffs produced in harmony with nature and the environment. A visible symbol of this quality standard is the Naturland trademark.

The procedures to be followed when implementing the Naturland standards and the certification system are documented in the Naturland quality assurance manual. This manual is regularly revised in order to ensure that the system remains efficient and reliable throughout, and to incorporate the latest improvements. The expertise offered to farmers, horticulturists, vintners, owners of woodlands and fish farmers has been one of the main strengths of Naturland since its inception. Therefore and especially for producers in Germany, Naturland e.V. cooperates with independent consulting companies that are acknowledged by Naturland. Currently, these are: The „Öko-Beratungs Gesellschaft mbH“ and the „Erzeugerring für naturgemäßen Landbau e.V.“. Qualified specialists are also available for specific areas such as organic forest management and aquaculture.

Naturland pursues a quality assurance system which corresponds to international norms. The effective implementation and documentation of this system is checked annually by independent bodies. In return, Naturland also has its own certification system reviewed, thus providing proof that the association fulfils international requirements as a certification organisation. Recognition under globally valid standards is becoming ever more important on the increasingly internationalised organic market. In addition, Naturland is also a member of the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) and in the national Federation of the Organic Food Industry (BÖLW). This active involvement is a further contribution to the advancement of the organic sector and to establishment of sustainable production systems world-wide. 

Naturland members and partners undertake to comply with the standards of the Naturland Association. Producers and processors alike are subject to annual inspections by qualified inspection bodies. Naturland mandates inspection bodies to perform regular inspections of farmers and processors at least once every year. In addition to the annual tours of inspection, unannounced, risk-oriented spot checks are also made. Inspection is performed by external, expert, state-approved inspection bodies.

Naturland is one of the major global certification organisations for organic agricultural produce. Just as Naturland farmers and processors are subject to annual inspection, Naturland too is inspected once a year by neutral, qualified organisations, such as as the IOAS to verify that the certification was performed according to the defined norms of ISO/IEC 17065.
Thus proving that the Naturland certification system fulfils the most stringent internationally recognised standards. Naturland is a member of IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements) and actively involved in the promotion of organic agriculture world-wide.

Measures for internal and external quality assurance have been established with Naturland for many years. In addition, Naturland is involved in projects that further strengthen the confidence in Naturland certified produce by allowing more transparency. 

Thus the software e-Cert is raising transparency and security for everybody involved in the control- and certification process. The website picks up the issue of traceability from the consumer's point of view and thus creates confidence.