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The small port of Husavik is exactly at 66 degrees latitude a stone's throw away from the Arctic Circle. In the cold waters off the Icelandic coast cod is caught all year round. The small and compact fishing boats defy the rough seas. Like their fathers and grandfathers, the fishermen in the north of Iceland use long-lines to catch cod.

These extended fishing rods protect the sensitive marine environment. Since they do not swim directly below the water surface, but at depths of around 300 metres where the cod is located neither sea birds nor mammals get caught on the hooks. Of course, the baits come from sustainable fisheries. A fishing trip lasts a few hours only. Consequently, the fish is very fresh when it is landed, then processed on the spot and deep-frozen. Both on the water and when processing the fish on land, emphasis is put on skilled manual work. Local people also benefit greatly from the fishery in their rural home on the edge of Europe as it is providing jobs and supporting the community.


Factsheet of the fishery
Fishing area: Iceland and Faroes Grounds (5.a 2), FAO 27
Fishing methods: Long-lines
Target fish species: Cod (Gadus morhua)
Number of fishermen: 1 fishing company
Number of boats: 4
Size of the boats: 12 - 46 meters


Naturland Wildfish certification
On September 4-6th of 2018, the first expert meeting took place in Akureyri, Húsavík, Reykjavik in Iceland. The project-specific management conditions were developed on the basis of this expert discussion, which will be placed on Naturland website for a month until 28 th of February, 2019 for public discussion.