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Sustainable capture fishery

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The Portuguese archipelago of the Azores is located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Artisanal fishery has a long tradition and is until today an important economic sector next to agriculture and tourism. Careful handling of the sea and its resources is a matter of course for the fishermen of the Azores in order to secure their livelihood in the long term. They are supported in their work by local politicians and scientists.

The fishermen of APASA, a fishing cooperative based in Faial, are specialized in tuna fishing, especially skipjack and albacore. For generations, they have caught their fish exclusively with pole and line. This fishing method is highly selective and does not affect the marine environment. The fishing season lasts from June to September, when schools of tuna pass by the islands.

The fish is processed in a small, regional factory on São Jorge. Mainly hand-made, high-quality canned tuna is produced here. The company is the largest employer on the island.


Factsheet of the fishery

Fishing area: 27.10 (Azores) and 34.1.2 (Madeira)

Fishing methods: Pole and Line

Target fish species: Skipjack (Katsuwonus pelamis), Albacore (Thunnus alalunga)

Number of fishermen: ca. 40

Number of boats: ca. 10

Size of the boats: max. 30 meters


Naturland Wildfish certification

On July 15th of 2019, the first expert meeting took place in Horta at Faial Island, Portugal. The project-specific management conditions were developed on the basis of this expert discussion, which will be placed on Naturland website for one month until 9th of September 2019 for public discussion.

The Naturland Guidelines for Sustainable Fisheries require the publication of the relevant parts of the inspection report at least four weeks before the decision of the Naturland certification committee on the certification of a fishing project or on requirements within a certain period to be fulfilled. The publication is primarily intended to enable a wider circle of interested organisations, experts and private individuals to comment on the information in the inspection report or to critically question them. As there were no reservations or objections, a positive certification decision was made after examination of the facts and expert opinions.

Contact: Annabel Schuhn

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