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Naturland Aquaculture and Sustainable Fishery

Finfish, Shellfish, and algae are not only healthy and tasty elements of modern cuisine, but also indispensable base for nutrition of the growing world population. Although, at the end of the 20th century, aquaculture - the husbandry of aquatic animals and plants - became the food sector with highest annual growth rates, the major part of all fish and seafood is still wild caught from the oceans, the lakes, and the rivers. However, more than a third, however, originates from aquaculture - the systematic cultivation and reproduction in ponds, net pens, mussel lines, enclosures etc.

Since the mid-nineties, Naturland has carried out pioneering work and developed standards for different species and production systems in aquaculture. Operations in 18 countries in Europe, Latin America and South East Asia produce fish, shrimp and mussels according to Naturland standards.

You can enjoy Naturland fish and seafood with a clear conscience:

  • The Naturland social standards apply both on board ship and in the facilities on land.
  • respect for animal welfare
  • protection of the marine environment and of the surrounding ecological systems on land
  • transparency from the catch to the table
  • organic processing of Naturland fish and seafood
  • GMO-free

Naturland partners benefit from this strong seal of quality which enjoys a high reputation internationally. It affords them access to a network which operates world-wide and they can also avail themselves of the services provided by the experienced team of Naturlad advisers.


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