Naturland Association for Organic Agriculture


In October 2015, the EU Animal Welfare Project AWARE was launched. Naturland can now contribute its experience of the annual animal welfare inspections at the international level.

Together with the British eco-certification organization Soil Association, the Italian Control Authority CCPB, the Polish control body Agro Bio Test, the German Control Authority Society for Resource Conservation and with the participation of the Georg August University Göttingen, Naturland will work on improving and streamlining animal welfare checks within the next three years.

The Naturland livestock farmers are already familiar with the checklists used to assess animal welfare based on animal-related indicators such as the degree of soiling of cattle or the condition of feathering of poultry. In a similar way, the participating organizations now want to develop a uniform concept. Subsequently, the inspectors should be trained to feel safe in the assessment of animal husbandry.