Naturland Association for Organic Agriculture


Naturland - more than organic

Regional und world-wide.

When Naturland was founded in 1982, organic agriculture was regarded as little more than a marginal issue. The pioneering work done increased in significance with the acquisition of members abroad, the world's first tea garden to be certified organic, organic coffee to the Naturland standards, organic aquaculture and sustainable fishery. Other important milestones along the way were the inclusion of sustainable forestry, textiles and cosmetics, and, last but not least, the introduction of a fair-trade logo, Naturland Fair, establishing a link between organic agriculture in the southern and northern hemispheres.

Throughout the history of Naturland, its prime characteristics have been – and continue to be – quality assurance, accreditation in each field, the expertise of our external advisers, and public relations, as well as political campaigns, both on a regional or national basis in Germany, and also in Bruxelles.

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