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Naturland farmers and processors have been ground-breaking global pioneers for over 30 years. The world’s first ever conversion to organic agriculture of tea gardens in Sri Lanka and India in the 1980s was the prelude to our successful work on an international scale. Currently 65,000 farmers in 58 countries manage an area of some 440,000 hectares according to the Naturland standards. To Naturland, organic agriculture means combining tradition with modern practices and experience with the courage to adopt new approaches.
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Organic food leaders called on the EU institutions to agree on a new organic regulation that supports the development of organic and contributes to its already proven success. More than 140 people from 18 countries met in Sevilla, Spain at the 4th Organic Processing Conference to discuss the future of organic food processing.  The conference was organized by IFOAM EU and Ecovalia.

 Bavo van den Idsert, IFOAM EU Board Member, said: “Organic is growing 6-7% year-on-year, demonstrating consumer demand for environmentally friendly food. This market growth needs to be supported and protected through better implementation of the organic regulation. The new regulation should respect the polluter pays principle.

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Each passing minute, the soil is suffocated, contaminated, exploited, poisoned, mistreated and depleted. Over the past 40 years, roughly one third of all fertile arable soil has been destroyed by erosion throughout the world. It should be remembered that the soil is literally the basis of all food production and performs important functions with respect to climate protection and water balance. The initiative “People4Soil”, which Naturland supports, is now demanding the institution of a legal framework for the protection of the soil.

More than 400 associations, ranging from NGOs and research institutes to farmers’ associations and environmental groups, have joined together as part of the People4Soil coalition to call for the EU to introduce specific regulations to protect the soil. Please show your support for the campaign and SAVE SOIL WITH YOUR SIGNATURE.

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Inspektorenschulung kleinAt Naturland head office in Gräfelfing, Germany, 22 inspectors from 15 inspection bodies in 11 different countries are assembling to participate in a two-day inter-active training course on the Naturland standards. This type of training course has been an integral part of Naturland quality assurance policy for some years now.

Naturland is an association of farmers who grow high-quality organic foodstuffs in 44 countries throughout the world in conformity with one strict set of standards. Naturland quality assurance ensures that they all understand the standards and implement them in the same way.

Helping to restore agriculture after the hurricane – BNN and Naturland open a special account for donations

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Haiti, one of the poorest countries in the world, has been hard hit by Hurricane Matthew. At the moment top priority is being given to disaster relief to ensure that the minimum requirements of those affected are met directly. However, it is at the same time already necessary to think about the next sowing season so that Haitian farmers do not remain dependent on food aid long term.

To this end, BNN (German Association of Organic Processors, Wholesalers and Retailers) and Naturland have opened a special account for donations so that Haiti and its citizens can receive assistance over and above that of immediate disaster aid, assistance which this battered country is now in urgent need of.