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Naturland farmers and processors have been ground-breaking global pioneers for over 30 years. The world’s first ever conversion to organic agriculture of tea gardens in Sri Lanka and India in the 1980s was the prelude to our successful work on an international scale. Currently 65,000 farmers in 58 countries manage an area of some 440,000 hectares according to the Naturland standards. To Naturland, organic agriculture means combining tradition with modern practices and experience with the courage to adopt new approaches.
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Today, after six years of discussion, the United Nations General Assembly decides on the UN Declaration on the Rights of Smallholders and peasants and other people working in rural areas.

A broad coalition of 15 civil society organizations urges the German government to vote in favor of the declaration. The Declaration strengthens the rights of the most discriminated, marginalized and threatened rural groups, who secure much of the world's food.

Mais PG 250x166The number of people facing hunger is on the rise, and so far, the goals of the international community have not been sufficient in the fight against climate change. These two news from last week evidence the close connection between agriculture, food security and climate change.

"We must tackle them both together: hunger and climate change," insists the president of Naturland, Hubert Heigl, on the World Food Day on October 16th.


Argentinien news 250x166In recent years, the soya boom with its gigantic monoculture farms and the cultivation of GMO plants has turned Argentina into one of the world’s major exporters of agricultural produce. However, this goes hand in hand with the massive deployment of pesticides such as glyphosate. On Thursday, 4th October, Naturland welcomed Juan Ignacio Pereyra, a lawyer, and Damián Verzeñassi, a doctor, both from Argentina, to their offices, along with Christiane Lüst, an environmental activist from Munich and representative of “Aktion Gen-Klage”.

For the next possible entry, we are looking for a freelancer for supervison for our sustainable capture fishery project an Lake Victoria. The certification of sustainably captured and organically processed Nile Perch in Tanzania for the international market as well as the support of the local community have been a 10-year success story. Naturland sets the leading standard for organic aquaculture and combines organic and social responsibilities. Furthermore, Naturland developed requirements for sustainable capture fishery. Through strict adherence to the guidelines a responsible management of Nile perch stocks has been achieved.