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The Corona pandemic continues to challenge us every day - it has fundamentally changed the way we live and work. This also has an impact on organic inspections. 

Even though the global economy is affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and many sectors suffer from serious revenue losses, the food trade is recording a strong increase in demand. Organic markets in Europe in particular have proven to be stable in the crisis so far and this development is also expected to continue in the future. It is therefore important to ensure that Naturland products are continuously certified through the underlying EU organic and Naturland inspections and certification, thus ensuring that the demand continues to be met.

In terms of inspection and certification procedures, we must find a balance between flexibility and a qualitatively assured certification procedure. Many producers suffer from the impacts of the pandemic on production and processing and trade activities. Yet consumer confidence is based on the high organic quality of Naturland products, assured by a consistent inspection and certification procedure.


Certification principles and procedures in 2021

In accordance with the procedures of the state authorities on the German and European level, Naturland has laid down principles and procedures for this purpose and communicated them to the inspection bodies. These conditions continue to be valid in 2021, covering the following most important points:

- Every farm needs to be inspected according to the EU organic regulation and Naturland standards, also in 2021. Fir priority remains to carry out the 2021 inspections as normal on-site inspections. It is possible to postpone inspection dates. Please contact your responsible inspection body if you have any questions about your specific inspection date.

- In case remote audits (e.g., by telephone interview or video audit) are necessary Naturland has laid down suitable procedures in agreement with inspection bodies. This applies to regular Naturland producer/processor annual inspections (including obligatory social inspections), Naturland fair trade inspections, aquaculture inspections and animal welfare inspections.

To clarify the specific procedure for the inspection, your responsible inspection body will contact you. In addition, your usual contact persons at Naturland International are available to answer any further questions you may have. Stay healthy!