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The interaction between humans and nature in organic agriculture was a matter close to the heart of Friedrun Sachs. For 15 years she has been extremely committed and dedicated for Naturland - she launched and managed the Naturland Fair and Social Responsibility department.

In February of this year she was diagnosed with cancer. Surrounded by her family, Friedrun died on Sunday, August 30th at the age of 58.

We are paralysed and in tears. We knew that Friedrun was seriously ill, we didn't know that it was that serious, that her time in this life was coming to an end. Our deep sympathy and condolences go to her family, her husband Hans-Friedemann and their two sons Roland and Jakob with their families.

Since 2005, Naturland has been strongly and conscientiously supported by Friedrun's ecological and social convictions. Friedrun brought her international professional experience from several years of working in various development organizations abroad and her training in horticulture and agriculture into the Naturland association and to our members. The African continent, with all its diversity, was particularly close to her heart, not least because she was born in Tanzania. She participated in numerous projects, both in the development process, but also in the implementation, like in agroforestry projects and the establishment of fair trade relationships together with partners from food processing and trading. The Naturland members, domestic and international, and our shared responsibility to live in harmony with nature were the basis and motivation of Friedrun's work. In that sense, she cared for our social interactions, the intercultural exchange among people and for using appreciative langue in our daily communication. As an organization, Friedrun has influenced us very positively with her holistic, also spiritual understanding and with her modesty.

Friedrun established the Naturland Fair & Social Responsibility department and team. She devoted a large part of her professional work to promoting small-scale, organic farming and fair trade. In numerous situations, she acted as a bridge-builder between processing, trading and the farmers and promoted the exchange between Naturland partners.

Friedrun was also very critical, she always stood up for justice and was able to address when things went wrong or when people did wrong. But she had a positive, humanist view of mankind, she was always convinced of the good - and that resulted in the firm belief that the socio-ecological transformation for a sustainable and more just future is possible. Friedrun - herself with three grandchildren - liked to speak of “a future that needs to be shaped actively with our future generations in mind”.

Dr. Father Hubby Mathew from India, member of the Naturland World Advisory Board, wrote to us today about Friedrun: “There is a saying in our country that "Good people always complete their work early and return to their abode". This is what she has done. Let us remember her, let us learn from her life and entrust her to the Almighty. My condolences and prayers for the family. Naturland has lost a great friend and guide." Friedrun’s sudden departure affects us deeply and makes us infinitely sad.
Three weeks ago, Friedrun sent us her “positive thoughts and prayers for all the great challenges in the various working areas – always focusing on caring for our common livelihood; Nature and Human Rights.” In the spirit of Friedrun’s memory, we will continue to follow this calling and are deeply grateful to her.


In the name of Naturland

Hubert Heigl, Hans Bartelme, Peter Warlich, Eberhard Räder, Everhard Hüseman & Steffen Reese, Nora Taleb
Board of Directors, Executive Director and Teamlead


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