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International Guide to Fair Trade Labels

International guide to350

The fifth edition of the “International Guide to Fair Trade Labels” was published in December, 2019. This guide is the only publication which performs global scrutiny of the standards and verification systems implemented by the major labels operating in the field of fair trade. And the outcome is quite impressive. In each of the four categories (ecological, social, economic, and structural criteria) the guide confirmed that the Naturland Fair label complies either 100% or, in other respects, by and large with the principles of fair trade.

Its panel of experts, which is made up of globally independent fair trade organisations, also scrutinised certification to the Naturland Fair standards. In conclusion, we perform very well in comparison with other certification systems. It is gratifying to note that for the first time the concept of “fair trade in the global north” is also incorporated in this edition. The guide accordingly contains a definition of “domestic fair trade“ as well as a summary of the major initiatives and emerging labels in this field – one of them being Naturland Fair. Nora Taleb, a member of the team Fair Trade and Social Responsibility, gives a favourable opinion of the guide: “This publication provides an important explanation of what fair trade in Germany and at a global level means. It helps the reader to make the distinction between certified fair trade and other sustainability initiatives and labels.“ The organisations involved in the guide are the French fair trade organisation Commerce Equitable France, the Fair World Project (USA), FAIRNESS FR (France) and Forum Fairer Handel as the association for fair trade in Germany.

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