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Inspector training and regional assembly of Naturland producers

News Mexiko 350

Naturland held two events in Mexico in November and December this year, both focusing on different aspects of quality assurance. Naturland has been active in Mexico since the 1990s. Today some 3,200 Naturland farmers are cultivating coffee, chia and oranges as well as agave and some 45,000 bee colonies are certified to the Naturland standards.

The regional meeting of the Naturland members in Chiapas took place in San Cristóbal de las Casas on December 2nd. One of the main topics of the meeting was the importance of diversification in coffee cultivation. Peter Gänz (Naturland) highlighted the requirements of the Naturland standards for the diversification of shade trees. The 15 representatives of various smallholder cooperatives from the Chiapas region confirmed the advantages of diversified coffee cultivation in terms of increased biodiversity, reduced disease pressure, improved climate adaptation and positive fertilisation effects. Naturland will again offer workshops on the production of home-made organic liquid fertilisers in the coming year. Regarding quality assurance, the participants developed strategies to further reduce the risk of drift contamination in practice and to avoid any contamination in the flow of goods.

The annual training of Certimex inspectors in Oaxaca on 28th and 29th November focused on the risk assessment of contamination hazards in organic products. After the introductory presentations by Dr. Jochen Neuendorff from the inspection body GfRS and Peter Gänz/Naturland, the approximately 30 participants analysed potential sources of pesticide contamination in the coffee value chain. Collectively, the participants developed specific proposals to further improve the Internal Control System (ICS) of the organisations.