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With Bio Foods, Tea promoter India and GEPA – three Naturland partners honoured

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The Sri Lankan Naturland partner Bio Foods was awarded the German Sustainability Award for “Global Partnerships,” together with the German GLS Bank in the category “Company Partnerships.” With GEPA and Tea Promoters India, even more Naturland partners were honored that night for their decade-long work.

The German Sustainability Award honors excellence in sustainability in the fields of economy, communities, and research. With more than 800 applicants and 2,000 guests at the events, it is the biggest award of its kind in Europe.It is endowed by the German Sustainability Award Foundation in cooperation with the German Government, municipalities, and other civil society organizations and research institutions.The expert panel with its chairman Dr. Günther Bachmann, Secretary General of the Council for Sustainable Development, emphasized Bio Foods’ and GLS’ dedicated work:
“GLS Bank and Bio Foods define sustainability as social, ecological, and future-oriented. Their partnership promotes the worldwide supply of organic produce and the increased focus on organic agriculture in Sri Lanka. Through the long-term cooperation with GLS Bank as investor, the sustainable impact of the 25-year-old family business Bio Foods, which already produces 100 % organic and fair trade products, is ensured to grow even further. Securing over 7,400 small-scale farmers’ livelihood, providing fair compensation, training in organic agriculture as well as access to medical services are at the center here. Furthermore, Bio Foods offers educational programs specifically for women in support of gender equality.”

Other finalists in the category “Company Partnerships” included long-term Naturland partners GEPA and TPI. Their 30-year-long cooperation proved pioneering in fair trade and organic tea.