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Sichler gross In our best-of youtube video we show the way of the milk from the cow to the shelf, taking a look behind the scenes at the producer farm and the dairy processing plant when visiting the Naturland farmer Sichler on his Großrachlhof and the dairy Berchtesgadener Land. The video is now available with English subtitles on our youtube channel. Just follow the link and get fascinated by the great scenery.

The Grossrachlhof in the Chiemgau region of Bavaria, in Grassau is a Naturland farm, which has been farming to the Naturland Organic Standards since 2009. What is especially remarkable about the farm is its long family history. Jakob Sichler, the farm owner represents the 17th generation on the farm and the 18th has already been born. This dairy, a co-operative, picks up the milk even from farms which are remote or difficult to reach, and for years now it has paid more for the milk than the average market price. This gives the farmers a guaranteed livelihood and ensures the continued existence of family farming in this region, essential to the preservation of the traditional cultivated landscape of Berchtesgadener Land. The Naturland Fair logo testifies to the dairy’s commitment to this concept.
The diary BGL also uses ingredients like sugar, cocoa and bananas in Naturland Fair quality in such products as their fruit yoghurt. Their milk chocolate drink for instance is made of fair trade organic cocoa from the Dominican Republic, fair-trade organic sugar from Paraguay and fair-trade organic milk from Berchtesgadener Land.

A real win-win situation – for farmers in the North and in the South, processers, the trade and the consumer – because they are all links in the chain of one common conscientious commercial policy.