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Naturland hosts third strategic meeting

inofo 350Bildquelle: Naturland e.V.

Naturland is hosting the third strategy meeting of the Intercontinental Network of Organic Farmers Organisations (INOFO) this week (from 4th – 7th of June). INOFO is the autonomous self-organised farmers structure within IFOAM - Organics International. It specifically belongs to organic farmers organisations. The structure was created within IFOAM to foster and facilitate the relationship between farmers across continents. Thus allowing farmers to consult, cooperate and, eventually, to speak with a legitimate common voice on matters of common concern of organic farmers at a global level.

INOFO forms an important link between IFOAM and other farmers organisations worldwide, since it also gathers farmers groups and organisations, that are not organised within IFOAM.

At the meeting the INOFO representatives from each continent will participate: INOFO chair woman Shamika Mone from India; Famara Diedhiou from Senegal, Janet Gracie from South-Africa, Thales Mendoca from Brazil and Sebastian Mittermaier from Germany.
Louise Luttikholt, Executive Director at IFOAM - Organics International will join the group on the first day to specifically discuss the role of INOFO within IFOAM. Sebastian Mittermaier (Naturland), representing the European farmers wants INOFO to be strengthened in such a way that it can play a mayor role being the farmers wing in the IFOAM structure.

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