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Foto: „GEPA – The Fair Trade Company/C. Nusch“Foto: „GEPA – The Fair Trade Company/C. Nusch“On August 15, 2018, several people were purposefully murdered again at our partner PFTC in the Philippines, on the island of Panay in the province of Antique. This time, the victims were Felix Salditos, husband of former PFTC chairman Ruth Fe Salditos, along with six colleagues. We are shocked and mourn with our Filipino friends.

The work of the marketing organization for small farmers goes hand in hand with great social and political commitment. But those who fight for fair wages and working conditions, land reform and respect for human rights in the Philippines take risks.

Unfortunately, the case of Felix Salditos and his colleagues is no exception. According to local and international human rights organizations, the human rights situation in the Philippines has escalated dramatically since the inauguration of President Rodrigo Duterte in May 2016.

And unfortunately it is not for the first time that PFTC has to mourn deaths. In 2014, two members of Panay Fair Trade Center - then CEO Romeo Capalla and farmer Dionisio Garete - were shot dead in the street. The murders are still not clarified. 

The Fair Trade Company GEPA has launched a campaign in Germany to send a mail or letter to the Philippine Embassy and Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte calling for immediate investigation of the latest murders in the immediate environment of our trading partner Panay Fair Trade Center (PFTC).


The Panay Fair Trade Center has been a cooperation partner of the German fair trade companies GEPA and DWP for around 25 years. It was one of our partners in a joint campaign that Naturland carried out together with the German association for fair tarde shops on the issue of how to feed the world.Then in 2015, Naturland General Manager Steffen Reese visited PFTC on the occasion of the inauguration of a new sugar cane mill and in the same year Teresa T. Gumban  visited our headquarters in Germany. Sugarcane is an important source of income for many Filipino families and is processed among other things to tasty Mascobado sugar and will soon be avaible in Naturland quality.