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2014 IntDel web BeitragsbildMathew Hubby, Frauke Weissang, Edward Mulondo (Jan Bernhard not pictured) The newly elected international delegates are Ms. Frauke Weissang, Mr. Jan Bernhard, Dr. Mathew Hubby and Mr. Edward Mulondo. All of them have accepted their election and will represent the international members of Naturland for the next four years, term 2017 until 2020.

Naturland is an international association of organic farmers. The assembly of delegates, its highest decision making body, is therefore composed of both German and international farmers. According to the Naturland Statutes and number of international Naturland members four international delegates were to be elected.

Jan Bernard representing Latin America is the Founder and Managing Director of Pronatur S.A.C I Peru. Pronatur S.A.C. produces and exports coffee. Jan Bernhard is also founder and fellow of APROECO,a cooperative commercialising their coffee through Pronatur. Jan Bernhard has been an International Delegate to the Naturland Assembly of Delegates from 2005 to 2007 and from 2011 to 2013.

The representative for Asia is Dr. Mathew Hubby. He is the Executive Director of Peermade Development Society (PDS) in India. PDS Organic Spices processes and exports different teas, as well as spices such as pepper, cardamom and turmeric amongst others, produced by more than 1,700 family farmers. The organisation PDS Organic Spices is certified Naturland Fair. Hubby Mathew has been an International Delegate to the Naturland Assembly of Delegates since 2014.

Edward Mulondo is representing the members from Africa. He is the Managing Director of BioUganda Ltd. organising small scale farmers producing tropical fruits. BioUganda mainly exports dried tropical fruits like pineapples, mangoes and papayas. The company is certified Naturland Fair. Edward Mulondo coordinates the organisation of the farmers, the processing of the fruits and and the export. He has been an International Delegate to the Naturland Assembly of Delegates since 2014.

Frauke Weissang is representing Europe. She manages a farm in Italy and has been organised in the Terra Bio cooperative since 1998. Frauke Weissang is in charge of the international sales of Terra Bio organic products (pasta and legumes) and a member of the administrative board of Terra Bio. The cooperative Terra Bio is certified Naturland Fair. Frauke Weissang has been International Delegate to the Naturland Assembly of Delegates since 2005 and was a member of the Naturland Board of Directors from 2005 to 2014.

Besides their participation in the Naturland Assembly of Delegates, the international delegates are automatically members of the World Advisory Board. This board – consisting of up to five people – advises Naturland on issues related to the promotion of organic agriculture and the worldwide fair trade and social standards. Additionally to the international delegates, further experts may be elected into the World Advisory Board, in order to have representatives from all continents, as well as all fields of Naturland activities.