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Naturland Fair is the winner in Stiftung Warentests audit

StiWa Naturland Fair 350Does purchasing products with a fair trade certification help to improve the situation for farmers? The German test magazine “Stiftung Warentest” is investigating this question in their current issue where they looked into six labels in detail. The answer of the auditors: “Yes, and most of all with Naturland Fair.”

The investigators where especially convinced by the “strong ecological and very strong social focus” of Naturland Fair as well as the consistent traceability of their certified products. Other tested certifications where Fairtrade, Hand in Hand (Rapunzel), Utz Certified, Rainforest Alliance Certified and GEPA fair+. “The highest standard is set by the Naturland Fair label” was the examiners conclusion.

Not just on paper: Naturland products stood up to the standards

If label standards are put into practice was audited on four exemplarily bought products.  For coffee, cocoa and tea as well as tropical fruits (coconut milk was tested) Naturland was acknowledged to have a very high standard practice. Also in management Naturland was able to score very high points. The Naturland Fair certification was the only label recognized to have very good control mechanisms.

“Stiftung Warentest” is a foundation that was established by the German federal parliament to provide consumers with independent and objective information about goods and services. They buy products anonymously, test and rank them and publish their findings online or in one of their two magazines “test” and “Finanztest”. The “test” magazine in which the sustainability check was published has a paid circulation of 455,000 copies.