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broschuere qualitaet Bild2Naturland is growing, at home and abroad. Currently worldwide some 320,000 hectares are managed according to Naturland standards. That is 6.7 percent more than a year earlier. Thus Naturland could extend its lead as one of the most important organic associations worldwide. The greatest strides in this positive development in 2015 were made in Europe. There are already indications of even more significant growth in 2016 in South America and Asia too, in the number of farms and in the area cultivated.

"The fact that over 3,000 farms in Germany see their future in the Naturland community is a powerful and important signal at the close of the BIOFACH”, said Steffen Reese, the general manager of Naturland, on Saturday at the trade fair in Nuremberg.
According to figures presented by BÖLW, the German federation of the organic food industry, the number of organic farms in Germany belonging to an association rose last year by 4.6 % and the land farmed organically by 3.2 %. In contrast, Naturland recorded a growth of almost 11 % in both the number of farms and the area farmed.

Great demand for raw materials certified to the Naturland standards
“It is not only the number of Naturland farms which is increasing. The demand for raw materials certified to the Naturland standards is growing continually. This has again become apparent in the course of numerous conversations with processors and the trade over the past few days at the BIOFACH”, said Michael Stienen, the general manager of Naturland Zeichen GmbH.

Naturland is now represented on the Ivory Coast

Ivoire Organics, a growers’ co-operative on the Ivory Coast, in 2015 became the first member to attain certification to the Naturland standards in this country. Naturland pineapples, coconuts, mangos and cashew nuts are cultivated here on an area of 1,150 hectares.