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Just in time for this year’s BIOFACH, a new image brochure, Naturland International, came hot off the press for the first time. This 32-page booklet provides an overview of all that Naturland has to offer: from wild coffee from Ethiopia to bananas from Ecuador or shrimps from Bangladesh to olives and feta cheese from Greece.

The high-end image brochure is intended to illustrate to processors and the trade the value added by Naturland and the efficiency of the association as a certifying body, in its quality assurance system and the acquisition of raw goods.

True to this year’s motto at the BIOFACH “Naturland quality. At home and abroad” also the contribution made by German producers, is illustrated. As it is clear that a really good breakfast muesli also needs a rich diversity of ingredients: besides nuts and exotic dried fruit, fresh apples from Lake Constance or the orchards of Altes Land, German cereals and German milk – all accompanied by a good cup of coffee or tea. All of these in Naturland or even Naturland Fair quality.

Of all the German organic associations, Naturland is the only one able to offer such a comprehensive raw materials portfolio, secured by an uninterrupted quality assurance system. It is the purpose of the new image brochure to implant recognition of this unique achievement by Naturland and the associated added value created by Naturland in the consciousness of the trade and of processors.

The brochure is bilingual and available in German/English and English/Spanish. file ico Naturland International 2016 German/English (PDF, 3,4 MB)  file icoNaturland International 2016 English/Spanish (PDF, 3,4 MB)