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The Mayan communities have won an important court victory. The Mexican Supreme Court cancelled the permit Mexican authorities had issued in favour of Monsanto for planting genetically modified soya in the Yucatan Peninsula. 

The unanimous decision taken by the Supreme Court November the 4th, concluded that the permit issued to the Monsanto Group by the Mexican authorities had not been valid, since constitutional rights of the indigenous communities might have been injured, reported the Mexican newspaper La Jornada. The Mexican Constitution demands the consultation of indigenous communities in all matters affecting them.

The Mayan beekeepers had complained against the permits given to Monsanto and had underpinned their action with a petition of more than 74.000 signatories. Naturland too, had supported the Mayan beekeepers in their concerns and had disseminated the petition to its members and through its media of communication.

However, the topic GM soya in Mexico is yet not solved. Firstly, only indigenous communities have to be consulted, thus Monsanto and others can apply for commercial cultivation in other regions without prior consultation of the population. Secondly, the law does not address whether the decision of the communities consulted needs to be truly respected. The Mexican beekeepers and farmers will continue to need international attention and support to keep Monsanto out of their communities.