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2015 10 16 AWARE 350GfRS-General Manager Jochen Neuendorff (4.f.l.) and Naturland General Manager Steffen Reese (rightmost) and the other participants of the workshop in Göttingen (Source: GfRS)

More animal welfare through responsible and species-appropriate welfare has always been one of the main principles of organic farming. Nevertheless, according to the EU Eco-Regulation animal welfare checks are not yet part of the eco-control. Naturland, in cooperation with Bioland and Demeter has therefore developed an independent system of animal welfare control and put into practice in 2014. 

Now Naturland is furthermore participating in an EU-funded project to analyse and consolidate different approaches of animal welfare control in different countries.

The main objective of AWARE is to develop a European wide inspection concept for animal-related criteria and to make them available to the eco-inspectors. "It is time to o bring together experiences and to evaluate the implementation so far, to then allow inspectors to be trained in a harmonized and coherent audit", says Jochen Neuendorff from the Resource Protection Ltd. (GfRS), one of the major German inspection bodies, which is coordinating the AWARE project.aware 4c 250

The project officially launched on October 16th, when the various project partners came together to a joint workshop in Göttingen. Besides GFRS and Naturland, the University of Göttingen is involved as scientific partner. Alongside with the German partners an Italian and a Polish control body, and the British Soil Association are official project partners.

Read more in the joint press release of the six organizations: file ico (296 KB)