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On 25th September Teresa T. Gumban from the Philippine Panay Fair Trade Center (PFTC) visited Naturland. She was accompanied by Martin Lang, representative of the fair trade association dwp. Teresa T. Gumban had been invited by the general manager of Naturland Steffen Reese who had visited PFTC on the occasion of the inauguration of their new sugar mill in April 2015. Sugar cane is an important source of income for many families in the Philippines and is processed among others to the delicious Mascobado sugar.

In November 2013  typhoon „Haiyan“ had severely hit great parts of the Philippines, thousands of people died and millions lost their homes. It also devastated large areas of the region Capiz in the northern part of the Philippine Island Panay. The dwp eG  immediately initiated a fundraising campaign to procure funds for emergency aid and furthermore another campaign to help reconstruction, where Naturland participated alongside 100 one-world-shops. This campaign enabled PFTC to build a sugar mill for the members of the newly founded Capiz Fair Trade Center – the only sugar mill of the region Capiz that is owned by small farmers.

Teresa T. Gumban explained that the Capiz Fair Trade Center decided to go for traditional processing methods with its new sugar mill.Gruppenfoto 400 266 During the manufacturing process and the subsequent packaging, many activities are carried out manually. Thus allowing more people to get into employment and gain income. The high-quality Mascobado sugar is marketed  by the one-word-shops in Germany, hereby the small farmers from the Philippines obtain a much better price and are enabled to advance the reconstruction of the region.

In the meantime, the small scale farmers of the cooperative have started the conversion to organic agriculture and already apply self-made compost on their fields instead of synthetic fertilizers. Naturland Fair Mascobado sugar is expected to be introduced to the market in 2017, only, because the conversion period for permanent crops lasts for three years.


Background of the Panay Fair Trade Center (PFTC): The business activities of this marketing Verarbeitung 400 266organization for small scale farmers involve social and political commitment. The origin of the organization is an association that campaigns for an improved position of women in the Philippine society. Therefore the main objective of PFTC is  to strengthen the interests of rural small farmers and women living in urban slums and to give them a voice. However, in order to realize this, human working conditions with a secure, regular and fair income are indispensable.

Naturland and PFTC have been partners for several years already. PFTC For instance had participated in the campaign „organic + fair – more food to share" which had been realized by the Weltladendachverband (umbrella organization of one-world-shops) and Naturland.